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What People Says About Little Steps.

"At the first place, we wish to render our sincere thanks for all the effort the Principals and School management of Little Steps School who had put in all these years from the year of it’s incorporation. We have personally witnessed how hard work they have sincerely put in to keep the progress ON from years. We wish to thank all the teachers and support staff who have transpired the motive of the school and been instrumental in making the school successful and for on passing the momentum. We are happy to say that the school was never on commercial grounds and aimed at tuning values to it’s students and respected the need to educate the students of needy parents especially. “I would like to say that I am very impressed with the children's events and their performances. I would like to give the feedback that the management is very focused and teachers are very cooperative and always try to help the parents along with the students. My elder child Y. Sriram, always got ample opportunities to explore and progress in all aspects. The school has been successful in striking an appropriate balance between Academic and Co-Curricular activities. Sriram's communication and social skills have enhanced a lot due to a range of classroom activities, sports and seamless freedom given to the child in the school to be bold & fearless to express whatever they feel and to anyone in same manner. This is very important for the kids to grow confidently and expressively. Thanks a lot to school team for this. My younger child Y. Sai Krishna who is in the lower primary school is understanding every concept and we see a lot of change in his approach. Thank you to all the teachers for co-operating with the students and being instrumental in nurturing the student well. The class teachers were very kind and helpful. We are really happy today to see the school with it’s current student strength and are sure to witness it’s growth in future, as it is lead by a very caring and focused winning team. A big thank you to all the teachers, principals and every member of the school for putting in so much effort to make sure that your students are given best resources to make sure each and every child is growing into a beautiful and knowledgeable person. We are very satisfied to be part of such wonderful school."
YVHSS Narayana & YVSS Sarada
Parents of Y. Sriram & Y. Sai Krishna
"It gives me immense pleasure to share my experience with Little Steps School. My kid has been attending this institute from an year & this is her second school. Education with values & experiential learning has been their game chagers. Dedicated Staff & visionary management are really making a difference in education for young children. I can witness a great improvement in my child's overall development Taking from Academics and extra curricular events as well. Now besides her classes she is actively involved in Sports, music & martial arts as well. I am completely happy with the school and recommend it for others."
Parent of K.V SAHASRA (1st std)
It's been an year since my daughter got into Little steps, her baby steps got really strong and stable with the love and compassion from her revered teachers and the care takers (akkas and aunties).we are much delighted to find such a prominent school full of strong women as teachers and the team lead by a headmistress,which I adore to the core. As i closely associated with Madhavi mam and Shyamala mam, who always endeavour to upbring young ones in all ways and means.Their expertise and experience( no less than 10 years) in handling kids are exceptional which laid a sturdy foundation for my baby girl(Broohee).I sincerely thank the management for all the efforts you put in to strengthen the young minds.
V.Surarchita sai
Broohee's mother
"Enrolling my child at Little Steps Up School was the best decision! The caring teachers and innovative teaching methods have made learning a joy for my son. Little Steps truly lives up to its commitment to holistic education."
Rajesh Khanna
"I am amazed at the positive changes I've seen in my daughter since joining Little Steps. The emphasis on character development, coupled with engaging academics, has made her journey memorable. Thank you, Little Steps!"
Priya Sharma
"Little Steps Up School has exceeded our expectations. The safety measures in place, coupled with the nurturing environment, have made us confident in our choice. Our son eagerly looks forward to each day at school."
Arun Kapoor
"The dedication of the teachers at Little Steps is commendable. They go beyond textbooks, encouraging creativity and critical thinking. My daughter's academic progress and newfound confidence speak volumes about the school's impact."
Neha Patel
"Choosing Little Steps for our son's education was a wise decision. The cultural celebrations and events have connected him to our heritage. The school's commitment to an all-rounded development is truly praiseworthy."
Vikram Singhania
"I couldn't be happier with Little Steps Up School. The extracurricular activities provided a platform for my son to explore his interests. The sense of community here is heartwarming. Thank you for fostering such a positive learning environment."
Anita Desai